So on Friday 20th May 2016 at 10pm it was official that the lions of South East London were off to Wembley for the fourth time in six years. Quite the accomplishment for the league one team who fears no foe and according to other teams poses no threat.

But after a hard time being relegated back into league one from the Championship last season, the lions may be heading straight back up- and we couldn’t be more excited to be going back to the home of English football.. Wembley stadium.

Having not the greatest starts to the season, I’m sure not every Millwall fan would have expected to have finished 4th in the league.. no matter how much we had hoped we would have. Personally I think we owe it to the legend himself Neil Harris. From Steve Lomas to Ian Holloway to Neil Harris.. the change in the teams mindset is quite unbelievable, let alone the fans mindsets. Harris has finally bought a bit of attitude and passion back into the Millwall side we have seen in previous years and we couldn’t love him more for that.


If you want to buy tickets for Sundays game please find the link below..

Click here for League One Playoff Final tickets…

Just to remind us of one of the greatest goals ever witnessed at Wembley…


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